Offer tough products that hold up to the intense abuse in correctional facilities. Engineer products for the safety of staff and inmates that will not come apart.

A new idea, concept or product is borne out of necessity, timing, and opportunity. Few manufacturers serve only one market, especially one as unique as the corrections market. Without a singular market focus, correctional features are simply added to standard products and become add-on options or specials without detailed engineering focus and attention.

We recognize that the corrections industry is underserved as a result of some longtime corrections focused manufacturers wither going out of business, merging with others, or redirecting their efforts away from the corrections market.

PrisonBilt was borne out of the desire to serve one very specific market. We are solely and completely focused on the corrections customer. We will not introduce any product until it meets the engineered specifications for the corrections market. Our products are made with heavy gauge stainless steel, diamond tread aluminum, and even PrisonBilt heavy-duty casters. We share your responsibility for the safety of your staff and inmates, so we have developed fully welded products with tamper resistant components that can take punishment.

We look forward to serving you and your peers in the Corrections Market.


Featured Products

Dual Temperature Meal Delivery Cart

Maintain proper temperatures for safe meal delivery.  PrisonBilt's sole focus on the corrections market ensures that we are developing only the highest quality meal delivery equipment.  We balance the extreme requirements of a corrections environment with the most efficient meal delivery features.  Think safety, think security, think PrisonBilt.